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Poultry Plant, Lok Kawi


From breeding, growing, processing our Poultry business is fully integrated to ensure complete control over quality throughout the Desa supply and distribution chain. This is where our integrated poultry business begins: hatching eggs and day-old-chicks from our own breeder farm and hatchery.


Desa is one of the leading Poultry players in Sabah and our products are customers' first brand choice. Our major customers are Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Kenny Rogers as well as leading Hotels, Supermarkets and Eateries.

Quality is assured from the earliest stage of operations, with day-old-chicks supplied by our own breeding farm and hatchery.

Chicks Broilers

Live broilers are produced at our farms in Bongawan and Papar as well as by our Contract Farmers. Our processing capacity of 7.5 Million is able to keep pace with the growing demand.


Our broilers are fed with customized formulated feed that is guaranteed safe in accordance with the stringent Malaysian and American standards. The feed is supplied by our associate company, Desa Cargill Sdn Bhd, which is linked to Cargill Inc. of USA, one of the world's leading feed suppliers.

Chicken Processing Chicken Processing

Our processing in Lok kawi is fully automated. The slaughtering, packaging and storage processes are carried out under strict hygiene conditions. We have received the VHM Certification from the Department of Veterinary Services under the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry.

DESA VHM-status chicken is Halal, prepared in accordance with the Islamic rites approved by the religious authorities of Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Desa Chicken is also exported to other countries.

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